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Welcome to EMXVII! We are a Kenya-based company committed to championing a safer digital environment. EMXVII was established in 2021 by a younger entrepreneur passionate about crypto and blockchain. We strive to be a one-stop shop for a collection of  hardware wallets, security keys, NFTs, accessories and merchandise.  

What We Do

At EMXVII, we acknowledge that cryptocurrency is revolutionizing how we trade in this digital era. It allows you to make transactions and investments globally at the comfort of your home. However, if you don't use a well-secured crypto wallet, you can lose the digital identity of your private key. This way, you'll be vulnerable to fraudulent activities, which can lead to the loss of your coins. We founded EMXVII to protect you from such activities.

We are committed to safeguarding your private keys by providing top-quality hardware wallets and security keys. Our products leverage the latest technology to stop account takeover regardless of the scale.

We also offer merchandise made from high-quality fabrics and durable prints. With us, you’ll not only look relevant and confident but express your personality and unwavering love for crypto.

Why Choose Us

We take pride in providing 100% authentic and secure products. As such, you can be rest assured of zero account takeover, reliable hardware-based authentication, and faster login.

Our products are easy to use across all devices and portable. With the simple, one-touch operation, you only have to verify your identity.

We have customer-friendly privacy, warranty, refund and delivery policies. Our team of highly experienced staff is available 24/7 to give professional support.  

Visit our stores today and protect what you value!


EMXVII exists to delight its customers with high-quality products to help them safeguard their digital assets.


EMXVII seeks to be a premier company championing safe and secure digital transactions and investments.



We seek to excel by offering high-quality products and remaining creative and innovative in all our work.

Customer Focus

We strive to create fruitful and enduring relationships with you by satisfying your online security needs.  


We are committed to remaining transparent and honest while serving everyone. We put integrity at the heart of our company’s culture.


We seek to go above and beyond the surface to offer a spectrum of products that promote safe and secure online activities.


We stay determined in keeping our promises and building trust. We celebrate milestones and take full ownership of our actions and decisions.

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